What Our Patients Are Saying About Us


As it turns out, our patients love us as much as we love them.  But, to set your mind at ease, why not take a few minutes now to see for yourself?


“Absolutely thrilled with our first visit. The staff have been welcoming and so helpful. We were referred by two of your patients who spoke very highly of Dr. Inglefield. Thank you so much!”           ~  Amanda S.


“I was so impressed that they had a movie for my 2 year old to watch during his skin tests. It definitely helped! Everyone was so friendly, and he loved the stickers the staff kept giving him!”         ~  Katheryn L.


“Very good place to come and very well clean.”  ~  Terry


“Very professional from appointment to services. Relief!  First steps to solving a very big problem!”     ~  Lynn F.


“Very friendly staff, nice facility, great experience!  Also like the back-scratcher and ink pen!”             ~  Chelsea N.


“I was happy the staff were able to see me today since I came in a day early (my appointment was scheduled for the next day). I’m very appreciative since it’s hard to get out of work early.”                   ~  Wendy A.


“My first appointment was great and very informative!  This is my second appointment and, so far, has been a great experience. i was able to get an appointment quickly and all my questions were answered.”  ~ Jennifer O.


“The staff was very patient with me an attentive to my needs and concerns.”   ~  L.R.


“We LOVE HAAC!”  ~  Leslie B.


“Job well done; treated with respect and care.”  ~  A.T.


“Staff is very child friendly and sweet.”  ~  Nicole F.


“Dr, Inglefield and his associates are very caring with their patients. They are so kind to me and will answer any questions. Dr. Inglefield and his associates make me feel so welcome and will always be at the top of my list for my asthma and allergy needs.”  ~ John H.


“My allergies are bad, but your clinic found out why. Thank you for finding the reason. I am finally on my maintenance dose today. How wonderful it will be to do these at home! Thank you. Your doctors, front desk staff, and nurses are great,”  ~ Andrea


“I came to Dr. Inglefield’s office deathly sick – continuous coughing, trouble breathing, and could not rest. He and his staff took their time with me that first visit to get me some relief and start the process of getting answers to my breathing problems. With each phone call and visit, I am treated as if I were the only patient they had…extreme care and concern! I am so thankful and blessed I came to Dr. Inglefield’s office so I could receive the help I so desperately needed.”  ~  Diane G.


“I have found relief from Dr. Inglefield and his staff when other allergists and asthma offices were not helpful. He listened to me and explored options.  His nurse and office staff are friendly and have helped immediately when my asthma flared up. They were very supportive and helped me every time I had a life crisis so I could continue to receive the medical care I need.” ~ C.G.


“I’ve been going to Dr. Inglefield for a long. long time!! 🙂  His nurses give me my allergy shots. (I go into the office every other week now.) They are very sweet and gentle to me. When I enter his building, the lady who checks me (in) greets me with a smile and calls me by my name. She’ll say, “Hi Miss Janet !’ Then she hands me the number I need when it’s time for my shot!”  ~  Janet H. .


“I have been a patient of Dr. Inglefield’s for many years. The care and concern I receive is like no other allergist I’ve been to in 30 years of receiving care for my asthma. I have sent many people to this practice including bringing my own parents. I know that when I’m sick, they are here, always available, never too busy to help. This is a practice you can count on to find answers for each individual. You are a person, not a number. And a practice that is there when you need them! We are blessed to have them in our area.”  ~ Wendy M.


“I have been going to Dr. Inglefield since the early 90s and I find him to be one of the nicest, friendly and professional doctors I’ve ever had! He cares for his patients and treats us with compassion! His smile makes our visit enjoyable! His entire staff is a joy to see each week when we come to get our allergy shots! Thanks Dr. Inglefield!”  ~  Emma H.


“Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would give Dr. Inglefield a good recommendation for anyone needing allergy treatments.”  ~ K.M.


“Dr. Inglefield has exceeded professional expectations, exerted medical expertise and administered bedside care in a most effective and appreciated manner over the last 26+ years. A true medical care provider who is sincerely appreciated!”  ~  Barbie L.


“I have been coming to Dr. Inglefield since 1997. I feel blessed to have him as my allergy doctor. He has always looked after (my) allergy and bee sting condition. The staff is very professional and nice!! I have recommended my friends and family to Dr. Inglefield.”  ~ Donald C.


“I have been a patient of Hickory Allergy since 1995. When Dr. Inglefield started my treatment, I was having continuous bronchitis, headaches and a deep cough. I was diagnosed with asthma. Dr. Inglefield treated my symptoms. I will never been free from asthma, but today I have a life free from a lot of other problems. Hickory Allergy and their staff have been a blessing in my life.”  ~  D.S.


“Dr. Inglefield is a great doctor. He is very caring about his patients and (their) needs. The staff are polite and caring.”  ~  Sandra B.


“My daughter has been coming to Hickory Allergy & Asthma for several years. The staff has always been kind and made her feel comfortable. They always keep us up to date on any new treatments that are available and are always there when you need them (on call or in the office). They help you make the correct decisions for the best medical care. They have given her a better quality of life. Thanks!”  ~  Angel R.


“He has been going there since he was an infant. Everyone has been kind and caring. Dr. Inglefield started treatment immediately and has always been aware and on top of his condition. We have been able to see him at anytime for sickness. His treatment now has him able to play and be normal. The staff is more than loving and caring.”  ~  Nora W.


“Since coming to Dr. Inglefield and Hickory Allergy & Asthma, I have experienced much better sinus health. My seasonal allergies are a great deal more manageable.”  ~  Joel K.


“Dr. Inglefield has been one of the most influential doctors in my life. My allergies to dust, mold and pollen are now controlled. Spring pollen is not a problem. Allergic asthma is now in control with Flovent inhalers.”  ~  Robert T.


“I have suffered with asthma, often severe at times, for many years. For fellow asthma patients, they know what I am referring to. Under Dr. Inglefield’s care, all of my symptoms have been minimized or disappeared completely. I have had the best fall season in many years. I volunteered to share my testimonial. If you have an asthma problem, call Dr. Inglefield and look for a brighter, fall or spring season.”  ~ C.S.


“I have been a patient of Dr. Inglefield for quite a few years. the doctor and his staff are always very considerate, concerned, caring, and helpful, regardless of the situation. When I visited the office the day after my husband’s death, everyone gave me hugs and warm, caring support as they asked how they could help me. This didn’t just happen one day, but many times during the following weeks and months.”  ~  Martha H.


“When I found out that I would have to have shots for my allergies, I was very scared. I am only 6 years old. But, once I had my first set of shots and saw how nice the ladies are and saw that it really wasn’t that bad, I became really comfortable coming here for my shots. Each time I saw Dr. Inglefield, he has been so nice and always listens to me. I like playing with the toys while I wait too.”  ~  Austin S.


“I have been a patient of Dr. Inglefield since he came to Hickory about 20 years ago. Upon entering his office, I’m always greeted with a smile and welcome and ‘what can we do for you today?’ Most often it’s my allergy injection, but if I’m ill, they immediately get me to a nurse and the doctor if needed. Always in follow-up visits they ask how I’ve been getting along and if I am better. It is almost like an extended family and I truly appreciate their kindness.”  ~  Anonymous


“I have been coming to Dr. Inglefield for 16 or 17 years. Had it not been for him and his staff, I probably would not be here. I had asthma so bad and allergies to everything. I had my shots and breathing treatments. I am 83 years old and breathe better than most young people.  I’m in great health thanks to Dr. Inglefield and his staff. ”  ~  Hazel G.


“I have been a patient for over 20 years. Dr. Inglefield has kept my allergies in check, making life much more enjoyable. He is always professional and pleasant, as is the entire office. This is an important combination in taking care of an on-going medical situation.”  ~ M.G.


“My move to Hickory was bittersweet 7 years ago. I found out that, with my move, came a change in environment with different trees, grasses, weeds, etc., and allergies which led to re-occurring sinus infections and a various range of antibiotics. Finally, a co-worker told me about Hickory Allergy and it has been such a good experience with no sinus infections. The staff is very friendly and professional. Now my husband has started allergy therapy and we both agree it has been a positive experience.”  ~  Pat F.