Self-Help Pollen Survival Tips

Self-Help Pollen Survival Tips – Hickory, NC


Shampoo, as well as shower, following outdoor activities during pollen season.  Hair and beards collect pollen as it is blown by the wind; it is especially important to shampoo before going to bed.


Keep bedroom free of clothing, shoes, or pets that have been exposed to pollen.


Keep house and car windows closed even when the allergic person is not present.  Pollen builds up inside the house and car and can cause reactions after the windows are closed.


Do not engage in activities that stir up pollen such as raking or mowing, particularly if you have asthma.  Wear a face mask and glasses or goggles if you must do yard work.  High-efficiency masks are available through mail-order from an allergy supply source. is the supplier of HEPA contour face masks.  This is a site from England however you can often order masks through


Ceiling fans are dust collectors (including pollen) and may increase symptoms, particularly if run in the bedroom.  In addition, do not use fans that draw air and pollen into the house.


Run auto air/heat system on a recirculate setting rather than on one that brings in outside air.  Keep the car as dust free as possible by regular vacuuming.


Antihistamine does a better job of taking the punch out of histamine if taken on a regular basis or BEFORE exposure.


Be alert to weather conditions that affect pollen counts when planning outdoor activities.  Dry windy days raise pollen counts while rain lowers pollen counts but only temporarily.  Often after a rain the pollen comes back with a vengeance!


Do not hang bedding outdoors to dry as pollen can collect on fabric.


Be more diligent about avoiding other allergens (food, mold, pets, etc.) during pollen season to reduce the cumulative effect or “allergic load.”  There are foods that cross-react with pollens like bananas and ragweed, also birch tree pollen and apples.  This can cause “oral allergy syndrome” with mouth itchiness.   Follow your local pollen counts at or at the Weather channel.


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