Our Services

We provide medical services to children and adults for the following:

Patient’s Medical History

An extensive questionnaire for services is filled out on or by each new patient. The medical history is very important in assisting Dr. Inglefield and his staff in providing patients individualized care.


Physical Exam

A physical exam is performed based on each patient’s symptoms and medical history to determine the services needed. However, this does not take the place of an annual physical from your primary care physician.


Allergy Sensitivity Testing

We test for allergy sensitivity when appropriate. The immune system of allergic individuals develop an abnormal response to some substances that do not ordinarily cause the immune system to react. The body produces antibodies or proteins to a specific substance. When future exposure occurs to that substance, the specific antibody triggers the release of chemicals, such as histamine and potent inflammatory compounds. The allergic individual experiences symptoms, such as runny or congested nose, itching watering eyes, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, skin rash, etc.Skin, blood, and patch testing is done to identify the substances causing symptoms in a particular individual.


Skin Testing

Allergy sensitivity testing is usually best done through skin testing which causes a minimal amount of discomfort. Suspected allergens are introduced into the skin through a device that makes a small prick or pinches the skin. A small amount of the allergen is applied through this skin prick or pinch. A number of different allergens can be tested at one office visit. A positive reaction is noted for a specific allergen if a red, raised placed called a wheal (looks like a mosquito bite) appears. The results are available within fifteen minutes and will be discussed with each patient in detail.


Certain medications interfere with the results of skin testing. Patients are instructed which medications (primarily antihistamines) they must stay off of about a week prior to skin testing.


Blood Testing

A sample of blood is drawn from the patient. The blood sample is mixed with the lab with various allergens and the amount of an antibody, called IgE, is measured. This is called a radioallergosorbent test (RAST). Blood testing is not as sensitive as skin testing and may miss allergens that are triggering symptoms. However, it is an option for individuals who cannot undergo skin testing due to a skin rash or cannot temporarily stay off of medications that keep the skin test from being accurate.


Patch Testing

Patch testing involves taping small patches containing allergens to the person’s back. A number of separate allergens can be placed on the skin at one office visit. “Patches” remain in place 48 hours and are read in the office do determine which patches produced a reaction and the severity of each positive reaction. Positive reactions or skin eruptions can range from a faint redness to a raised red wheal.


Mini CAT Scan of the Sinuses

A mini CAT Scan of the sinuses is available in our office. You get quick results. If indicated, antibiotic or other medication treatment for sinusitis can begin the same day.


Breathing Test

We may perform a breathing test in which we measure lung function. The individual blows into a handheld tube-like instrument as hard and fast as possible. The device produces numbers that show how well your lungs are functioning at that time.



We can use a hand-held instrument and place the tip in each ear. The test checks the pressure and calculates a set of graphs and numbers helping to detect if there is fluid in the ear. We may order blood work, x-rays, or other tests based on each patient’s medical history and symptoms.


Summary Conference

We provide a comprehensive allergy evaluation summary conference for each new patient including an individualized treatment plan. Follow-up education is available.


Immunotherapy- Allergy Shots

Our practice offers conventional and RUSH immunotherapy. We specialize in allergy “shots” using rapid desensitization or RUSH Immunotherapy techniques.